Advantage Early Learning Centers Programs

Our early childhood environment is based on the principles of developmentally appropriate practice (DAP). These principles focus on how children develop and learn, how the classroom should be arranged, and what materials should be provided for learning. They also focus on how the teacher should interact with and observe the children to enhance their daily experience. Following these principles means we use methods of teaching that match the way children develop and learn. We want to provide children the opportunity to learn and practice new skills. Additionally, we want to challenge them a bit above their present level in an environment where they feel safe and comfortable to try these new skills.

We utilize a variety of resources to create plans and activities that help children move toward their full potential. These resources help us to implement programs that encourage children to develop their emerging skills in all developmental areas. They include, but are not limited to, The Creative Curriculum, Pinnacle Curriculum, and Zoo-phonics.

Advantage Early Learning Centers Programs
Advantage Early Learning Centers Programs Advantage Early Learning Centers Programs


Infants needs relationships and security above all else. Our goal is to develop a loving, trusting relationship, so your child feels secure, and confident that his/her needs will be met. We recognize that each child is unique, so we allow your child to tell us when it is time to eat, sleep, play, or just cuddle. We provide appropriate materials to stimulate and challenge your baby, with the knowledge that infants learn through moving their bodies, and experiencing with all their senses. We pay careful attention to care giving routines as an opportunity for one-to-one interaction and conversation. Your infant will learn and grow rapidly this first year, and we will provide appropriate activities and challenges along the way to help them move into that wonderful toddler age!


Your two year old child is really starting to show his/her personality. A child this age has the ability to concentrate for longer periods of time than a toddler. New skills are constantly emerging as the child strives for independence and competence in every area! We provide a classroom with clear interest areas, and materials to explore and pretend. We continue to introduce new materials that challenge your child and help develop greater skills. Your two year olds day includes circle time with songs, finger plays, and planned activities. From here, your child will spend time in the learning centers and small group activities with teacher interaction. We also focus on assisting your child in learning basic self-help skills. This includes such tasks as hanging up coats, putting materials away, and clearing his/her place after a meal. And of course, your child does get time to just play, and be a two year old!


This starts with a classroom environment that is rich with materials, organized in various learning center areas. These areas are arranged in the room so as to maximize use of the area, and balance quieter areas with noisier ones. Your child's day will include opening circle time, with songs, new learning, sharing, and discussion of what is in store for the day. Then, he/she can move through the classroom, working with art materials, dramatic play, books, blocks, fine motor materials, as well as participating in a number of teacher-directed tasks. These tasks are designed to develop specific skills in your child that will help prepare him/her for future school experiences. We are aware of the kindergarten entrance expectations, and we work with your child to ensure that he/she is competent in those skills. We also want to send your child on to school with a love for learning, and the ability to work well with other children as well as independently.

School Age

Our school age programs provide care for children from kindergarten up to age 12. We offer a safe and fun environment for children before and after school, and we provide transportation to many neighboring schools. We arrange our classrooms to provide a broad range of activity options for the different ages within this group. Like younger classrooms, the class is arranged in interest areas, with age appropriate choices available. Your child can play in dramatic play, blocks, legos, work with puzzles and manipulatives, play a variety of games, create masterpieces in the art area, read in the library, or use the computers. In this room, it is okay to be quiet and have some personal downtime, or be active, playing with friends. Our teachers can help your child get going on homework as well. And of course, we provide after school snacks! There is also a chance to run and play outside, which is important after a long day at school.

Enrichments Programs

Advantage Early Learning Centers has enrichment programs available for an additional charge; gymnastics, dance, swimming etc.

Summer Activities

Our summer programs will please any child! There are weekly field trips, special events, guest speakers, swimming, camp-ins etc. The summer program is designed to keep the children interested while learning, socializing and having FUN!

Advantage Early Learning Centers ProgramsAdvantage Early Learning Centers Programs

Advantage Early Learning Centers Programs

Advantage Early Learning Centers has carefully selected experienced, professional, loving staff to care for the children in our facilities. Each staff member is CPR and First Aid certified, and has been fingerprinted for an FBI background check.

Additionally, all of our teachers are registered in the Idaho Stars Professional Development System. This means that they participate in a minimum of 15 hours of professional development per year, and usually more. As early childhood educators, we are committed to a philosophy of life-long learning, in order to provide the best possible care for you and your child.

We are certain our staff will enrich the lives of all the children they come in contact with. Again, we invite you to visit our facility to see for yourself the quality of care our wonderful staff provides!

Advantage Early Learning Centers Programs